Is your company facing a slip-and-fall claim? Are you being sued for defamation of character? At Cartolano & Alvero P.A., we protect you and your business against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and advertising and personal injury.

High value real estate litigation requires experienced professionals who understand sophisticated deals, financing and ownership structures and the unique rules and regulations that apply to real estate and secured transactions in order to help clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient manner possible. That's why when our clients require such real estate litigation services, they turn to Cartolano & Alvero P.A.

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At Cartolano & Alvero, P.A. we provide full-service representation in the defense of Worker's Compensation Claims. We are aggressive and thorough in our defense for all pending claims to meet all deadlines without exception.

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The premises hazard exists when there is ownership or occupancy of property. A customer may have a premises claim against the insured if the newly waxed floors caused the customer to slip and fall. At Cartolano & Alvero P.A., we work with you to fight against these frivolous claims.

In a perfect business world, agreements would be entered into, both sides would benefit and be pleased with the outcome, and no disputes would arise. But in the real world, delays happen, financial problems can crop up, and other unexpected events can occur to hinder or even prevent a successful contract from being carried out. At Cartolano & Alvero, P.A., we work with you to make sure you're contract is upheld or settled in your favor.

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A significant part of our practice involves consultation with and representation of other professionals and persons engaged in business as co-partners. Our experience in this practice area makes us uniquely capable. We provide partners with a secure sense of the rules and comfortable conclusion, knowing that if a partnership dispute occurs we will sue the offending partner for breach or vigorously defend a claim.

We represent insurance companies and individuals in insurance coverage disputes related to construction accidents, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, personal injury defense, medical malpractice, and hospital liability.

When risk becomes reality, victims and their families often look for someone to blame. Aggressive medical malpractice defense may be the only way to save a career from destruction. At Cartolano & Alvero P.A., we provide medical malpractice defense to medical professionals, hospitals and insurance companies across the nation.

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